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Pixar Studios are considered one of the most sought-after employment destinations in the US.

In addition to the great workplace conditions, employees have the opportunity to play a key role in developing some of the most anticipated animated movies each year.

There’s one brilliant and embracing moment during the onboarding process where the Managing Director of Pixar joins all new hires to welcome them to the company.

Within the confines of their own version of a ‘home- theatre’ on the sprawling workplace at Pixar Studios, all recent recruits are seated in the 5th row, which is usually reserved for company directors. Here, the Managing Director greets everyone with this rousing welcome.

“Whatever you did before, you’re a Movie-Maker now. We need your help to make our movies better!”

If that doesn’t get your creative juices going, what does?

Incorporating a call-to-action within a welcoming introduction is just one of them many elements of a successful recruitment and onboarding process at Pixar.

What can you do to make a new hire feel as though they have made the best decision by joining your team or business?

It’s time to create your own (toy) story.


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