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The term Wellness is another which has received more attention in the past 5 years, than previous.

In addition to our search for the ideal work-life balance, more individuals and workplaces are placing a higher priority on their wellness – and that of their team-members.

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to read a LinkedIn post from a professional associate who is well respected in the sales, marketing, and entrepreneurial space – Dan Cross – in which he shared his approach to creating a successful year ahead. (Read the post here).

Dan shares the questions he asked of himself to help craft & create the year ahead he wanted to live.

These included

  • What was I doing when I felt most energised this past year? How can I do more of that this coming year?
  • What was I doing when I felt less energised this past year? How can I do less of that this coming year?
  • Who are the people that I feel my best and worst around? How can I spend more/less time with them?

Each of these wisely crafted questions are presented in such a way to help Dan (and any of us) to take more control of our lives and live the year/life we want.

Isn’t that a step toward Wellness?

Other questions which can be considered may include:

  • What type of content – when consumed – moves you closer toward your ideal state?
  • What type of content adds little or no value to your growth and development?
  • What exercise or dietary practises make you a better version of yourself?
  • What work activities or projects bring out the best in you?

Each of these questions encourages us to determine whether we are under-invested or over-invested in various components of our lives.

Realising that our wellness is largely in our control is a key step in moving more toward the version of us that we desire.

Isn’t that a good thing!


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