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Technology giant Google conducted a two-year study to discover what sets their most effective teams apart from the pack.

Their initial assumption was that high-performing teams were founded on the right blend of hard (technical) skills. Wrong!

After interviewing 180 teams it became crystal clear that high-performing teams are in fact founded on a balance of human-centred traits.

Project Aristotle’s Key Characteristics of High-Performing Teams

1. Psychological safety: the team can take risks without feeling insecure or embarrassed

2. Dependability: the ability to count on each other to do high-quality work, on time

3. Structure and clarity: working with clearly defined goals, roles, and execution plans

4. Meaning of work: the work is personally important to everybody on the team

5. Impact of work: everybody on the team fundamentally believes that their work matters


Which of the above characteristics can you increase focus upon within your team?

What part can/will you play in this?

What impact could this change have upon the individuals, the team, and performance or output?


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