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We all have several tasks or ‘jobs’ – usually around the house – which we’ve put off, because we need to get the important things done first.

Stephen Covey – best-selling author and thought leader – reminds us of the need to prioritise the Big Rocks in our lives, before getting into the day-to-day tasks which can quickly consume our attention. (Watch his explanation here in this short video).

While this practise is both effective and admirable, it can lead to putting-off (parking or delaying) tackling some of the smaller tasks – little rocks – in our daily and weekly lives.

One strategy to help get back on top of the multitude of tasks we have to complete (the little rocks) is known as the ‘5-Minute List’.

How it Works

  • Grab a piece of paper, or a stack of small post-it notes.
  • Sit down and list all the small, 5-minute tasks you need to do in the coming month. (These can be at home or work – from cancelling a magazine subscription, to tidying the kitchen pantry).
  • Keep the list somewhere accessible and in sight.
  • When you find yourself with some spare time, look at the list and complete 1 or more of the tasks (be sure to tick it off the list, or scrunch up the post-it note).

This simple strategy allows you to make progress on things you have been putting off or procrastinating over.

Try this out, as a little ‘Life Hack’.


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