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To be more effective in our pursuit of sales on behalf of a given client, it is necessary to first understand, ‘what is the purpose of our sales activity?’

Often, the response to this question is, ‘to get the prospect to buy’, or ‘to get the sale’. If we adopt this mentality, we assume that the purpose of sales is one-sided and that is all about the salesperson – us!

A preferred alternative view to the purpose of our sales activity is, ‘to improve or enhance the prospects situation, business or lifestyle’. This suggests that if the product or service doesn’t improve things for the buyer, then we shouldn’t continue with the transaction!

While this may appear altruistic and overtly empathetic, it resonates with the customer and with public expectations.

“Customer Service should not be a department; it should be the entire company!”

Tony Hsieh

A Customer-First Mindset

We have all been customers for a longer period than we have been in the sales profession. Therefore, we should understand the needs of consumers and be empathetic toward their likes and dislikes. Research and customer feedback provides us with insights into what customers like and dislike about their interaction with individuals in the sales profession.

1. Empathy – customers want their concerns to be heard and understood

2. Fairness – whether pricing or terms & conditions, these should be fair

3. Transparency – where there are conditions of the sale/purchase, these should be transparent

4. Control – customers like to feel in control of their purchasing decisions

5. Options – customers prefer to have more than one option for a service or product

6. Information – ease of information about the product or service assists buying decisions

Regardless of the service or product, these customer insights can help sales professionals make each customer engagement more meaningful and more amicable for all.


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