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A poorly managed team can directly impact your business. In contrast, a well-managed team can improve company culture and morale, optimize production levels, enhance efficiency, while providing the company with a competitive advantage.

Managers and leaders need regular reminders of the value of the ‘human capital’ in their charge. So, what are some of the key People Management Skills which can connect and re-engage team members?

  1. Clear Communication. Yes, every article and discussion around the topic of effective leadership and people management identifies communication as an absolute essential skill. The challenge is doing something to improve it.
  2. Empathy. Again, nothing new for the modern leader or manager. Keeping in touch with team members through genuine and meaningful discussions, providing them with the time and space to share their thoughts is critical to developing meaningful relationships and building rapport.
  3. Acting with Integrity. Following through on promises and taking responsibility for your actions and behaviour is so important. Why? Because there’s always someone watching.
  4. Set an Example for Others to Emulate. In the quest to develop and effectively manage a team, remember, ‘we can’t be what we can’t see’. Someone needs to be the example – and who better that the leader or (people) manager.

Each of these ‘skills’ can be developed, allowing the People Manager to demonstrate the growth mindset they ask for and encourage in their team members.


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