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Like most people, you’ve probably been faced with a decision dilemma; the point where you need to make a key decision yet have several (competing) considerations which can confuse and/or delay your ability to make the required decision.

Let’s say you’re planning for a holiday. The key factors in determining where you go include – Budget, Range of Activities, Accessibility, Weather, Language.

With 5 variables to consider, how can you come to a decision?

In his recently launched bestselling book, ‘Clear Thinking’, author Shane Parrish shares an excellent tool to help us identify the most important factor in making our decision.

“There is only 1 most important thing in each decision we must make.

If you have 2 or more most important things, you’re not thinking clearly.”

Shane Parrish

Parrish invites us to list the most important factors which will influence the decision, then gamify the exercise to determine which one factor is the most important by playing each variable off against the others.

So, in this instance, you’d play Budget v’s Range of Activities to determine which was most important. The ‘winner’ then takes on the next challenger, Accessibility – and so on.

Continue until you have your winner on top and use that to help clarify your decision making.

It’s a great tool – and life hack – allowing us to make better decisions, and to think more clearly.

You can view an 8-minute animated summary of ‘Clear Thinking’ here, including Parrish’s decision making model in action.


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