To achieve success – however you define it – in the sales profession, you need first to understand the purpose of your sales activity.

Your purpose needs to be more holistic than to simply ‘get the sale!’

If this were the case, you’d be assuming that sales is all about you and what you are attempting to achieve, with little to no concern for the customers you so eagerly pursue.

To help improve your likelihood of sales success, you need to understand why your prospects behave the way they do, what they’re thinking, and how you can influence, assist or nudge them in the right direction.

Some tips to help your Sales Psyche

  • Understand what customers expect during any sales engagement.

You’ve been a customer longer than you’ve been in sales, so you should have a good reference point to determine what you like and don’t like during a sales encounter. Some tips on this one: Customers like to be listened to; they like it when the salesperson knows their product; they like it when the salesperson is courteous and respectful of their situation.

  • Move them away from pain, or closer to pleasure.

Ideally your product or service offers a solution to some need the customer has. If you can help meet this need, you are in a good position to progress with the sales process.

  • Arouse their interest and curiosity

If you want to keep the customer’s interest, you need to be interesting! No need to be quirky, just create a level of curiosity which appeals to them and keeps them engaged and interested. E.g. “Ever wonder why thousands of householders have made the switch to Zip Widgets?” “Let me explain the benefits you can expect with a subscription to ‘Horses and Hounds’ Magazine. You’re going to love this!”

  • Be specific about benefits

There are too many general and sweeping statements in sales and advertising. E.g. “Since using our Web-Widgets, Freda’s Pharmacy experienced over 30% increase in site visits over the last quarter.” Instead, consider an alternative, yet more specific approach; “Since using our Web-Widgets, Freda’s Pharmacy in Happy Plaza, experienced a 34% increase in site visits over the last 112 days.”

So, during your weekly sales activity, give thought to how customers think, their expectations and how you can meet their needs.

If you can achieve this, it’s a win-win outcome!


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