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I have a great friend, Tony, who shared this practise with me many years ago as a reminder to his kids of the need to ‘think before they speak’ – with the right, supportive intent.

It is as relevant as a teaching tool for our children, as it is for us in our everyday communication.

The THINK hack is applied to help us decide whether we should say something, what we should say, and how to say it.

  • Is it True? Is what you are saying based on fact, or is it opinion or speculation>
  • Is it Helpful? Will your words help someone make a better decision?
  • Is it Inspiring? Could your words lift others up, or pull them down?
  • Is it Necessary? Do your words need to be said?
  • Is it Kind? Could your words have a detrimental impact upon another person?

A more considerate and conscious approach to our communication can help transform both personal and professional relationships.

Remember to THINK before speaking and sense the shift in brings.


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