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Recent research findings from Thomas International has identified, ‘76% of HR decision-makers believe they have less than two years to evolve their Talent Culture before they start suffering competitive or financial consequences.’ (The Talent Time Bomb Research Report, Thomas, 2022)

Therefore, the ongoing quest to find great staff, make them productive, and keep them happy, is more important than ever. The way that businesses approach the recruitment, onboarding, development, and engagement of people is in desperate need of transformation.

While accepting that there is a ‘race’ for the best talent, the greatest risk of trying to hire too quickly is compromising on candidate quality. Which may go some way to explain why as many as six out of 10 new hires don’t work or meet the desired standards.

5 Tips to Improve Talent Acquisition & Development – (Courtesy of The Thomas Report, 2022)

  1. Redesign and redefine job descriptions: Remember to include the soft-skills requirements, which are often the difference between surviving and thriving.
  2. Hire based on potential, not just past performance: Remember, there’s more to a great candidate than their CV or resume.
  3. Aim to reduce bias in your recruiting process: Look to incorporate initiatives around diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  4. Develop potential by tapping into ‘purpose’: Why people work can be more powerful than what they do at work.
  5. Drive and support continuous improvement: For a business to grow and evolve, so must its people – invest in them.

Consider which of the above ‘tips’ you can further invest in to attract and develop the best talent available.


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