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“There are 2 errors on the road to success; 1 – Not starting, 2 – Not seeing it through to completion.”

Shane Parrish

As author James Clear once quoted, “the difference between failure and success is often just staying with a problem a little longer.”

The principle of 1 More, has existed for a long time, with uncertain origins.

The premise behind the principle, is to challenge us to extra-mile, to make another attempt at whatever is challenging us, rather than conceding defeat or being subjected to premature fatigue.

It’s the seemingly insignificant efforts – the 1 mores – that over time can yield great results or outcomes.

  • 1 more attempt
  • 1 more minute/hour
  • 1 more repetition
  • 1 more step
  • 1 more line of journaling
  • 1 more healthy meal per week
  • 1 more page of a book
  • 1 more customer call
  • 1 more demonstration of gratitude

The options are endless, with enormous upside.

The difference between ordinary and good is sometimes just one more. The difference between good and great can be the same margin.

Just one more!


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