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Almost 3 years ago, while visiting a valued client in his Sydney office, an innocuous message on his whiteboard caught my eye.

In blue marker was a simple, unfinished statement; “It will be a good Tuesday when…”

Underneath this statement was a series of dot points, each followed by a task or activity which was to be completed by the conclusion of that day (Tuesday) if it was to qualify as a ‘good day’.

Its very structure – and the intentional use of the suffix ‘when’ – places the power of task completion into the hands of the author/creator.

How often do we see the alternative? “It will be a good day if…?” 

‘If’ relies on too many variables going your way – the planets aligning, your favourite team winning, the sun shining, etc.

This simple strategy can help us spend more time in our ‘circle of control’, where we feel subjected to the whim and uncertainty of external events.

Give it a try.


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