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The Great Barrier Reef was formed after Bhiral, The Creator, threw lava from the sky into the Coral Sea.

Bhiral was angered after two brothers went out fishing and speared a particular fish that they had been told not to hunt.

This dreamtime story of the Yidinji people of Far North Queensland has been shared for thousands of years, serving as a reminder to potential future fishermen that select species are to be protected during certain seasons.

Sharing stories is one of the most powerful means available to influence, educate, and inspire. Storytelling forges connections among people, and between people and ideas. Stories convey the culture, history, and values that unite people.

We tell stories every single day. How we see the past, how we envision the future – those are stories. How we convey a message, how we describe a product or service – those are stories as well. A sales pitch or presentation can also be presented as a story. Stories form a vital part of any business.

There are stories about overcoming challenges or how setbacks were turned into successes. There are stories about how an underdog became the champion. Each story has the potential for empowerment, sparking a culture of innovation and entrepreneurial thinking. That’s the power of a great story.

Stories are one of the most powerful tools you can use to engage and connect with your audience.

“Stories give colour and depth to otherwise bland material and they allow people to connect with the message in a deeper, more meaningful way.”

(Peter Guber, CEO Mandalay Entertainment)

In the business environment, stories have the power to emotionalize information. This emotion, combined with information, becomes memorable and actionable. 

An essential step in harnessing the power of storytelling is remaining authentic. People have a finely tuned radar when it comes to those trying to manipulate or take advantage of a situation, and no one wants to feel they are not in control of their own emotions.

Therefore, instead of focusing on what you want to get out of telling the story, shift your focus to how the story can be of benefit to your audience.

We’ve all got stories to tell. What’s yours?


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