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During an interview with thought-leader and author Simon Sinek, he was asked, “What do you advise people who are struggling with change?”

His response provided insight to how people react to change. Sinek shared that “People often fear sudden change, yet if it is incremental, they are more accepting of it.”

The fear associated with change is often caused by the emotions it can elicit in certain individuals or groups.

Will I be able to adapt to the change?

Will this set me back, or upset the flow state in which I was so comfortable?

To affect change in an organisation it’s advised not to thrust it upon the majority – because they will resist – but rather identify the pockets of ‘early adopters’ who are willing to try the new initiative and iron out the creases. Then, before you know it, the majority can see the upside of the change and are more willing to adopt – and hopefully embrace – the change.

Viewing change as an opportunity to improve does require more of a Growth Mindset, where the benefits and opportunities provided by change far outweigh the desire to remain comfortable or familiar with the status quo.


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