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During our recently launched program The Modern Coach, we dedicate course time toward completing GAP Analyses for individuals, teams, and businesses.

A GAP Analysis allows you to prioritise and address goals by identifying any gaps in the team or business. The gap is the difference between where you are now, and where you want (or need) to be. Once identified, an action plan can be built to help close the gap and achieve the desired outcomes or goals.

Questions to Address and Bridge the Gap.

  1. Where are you/we now? This is where you start and relies on data points
  2. Where do you want/need to be? What is the goal or target? (Consider the timeframe)
  3. What is the Gap? What is deficient and why does the gap exist?
  4. How can we bridge the gap? Create an action plan.
  5. What support might you need? It’s unwise to try to close the gap alone.

This is an effective and easy-to-implement tool for individuals, leaders and managers to implement.

Tip: Due to the likely presence of Optimism Bias, we encourage any individual conducting a Gap Analysis to call upon colleagues, managers, leaders, or coaches to also offer their insights.


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