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“Long-term games may not provide immediate gratification, but they offer something much more valuable – success that lasts.”

N. Ravikant

While there are multiple leadership practises which, when combined, can lead to the success of a team or organisation, the adherence to leadership principles is both more reliable and sustainable.

One such leadership principle is the ‘willingness to play the long game’.

While adopting a long-term vision toward a desired outcome may not provide the sugar-fix of immediate gratification, it does offer something much more valuable — success that lasts.

Time and again, research and investigation into successful leaders throughout history has supported that the best way to succeed – in any component of life – is to make small, consistent investments over time.

As shared in his ground-breaking book, Atomic Habits, author James Clear informs us that whether the desired outcome is to improve relationships, build wealth, or further develop skills or knowledge, the best approach to adopt is the building of routines, habits, and rituals which require sustained effort or attention over an extended period.

What was once referred to as deep-learning, can now be considered as playing the Long Game. It also sounds a lot cooler.

“Never let a short-term desire get in the way of a long-term goal.”

Curtis Martin

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