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Along with the renewed definition of ‘flexible working conditions’, we need to give thought to creating a workplace which attracts and retains the right talent. This rethink of the modern workplace is essential if companies are to remain relevant and attractive in an ever-competitive employment market.

The Destination Workplace is a place where employees want to be – not have to be. They are work environments which pay attention to the physical, social, and cultural needs of team-members. As head of design and strategy at Axiom Workplaces, Cassandra Kirk explains, “we need to reconstruct workplaces to be valuable to people, while providing a functionality that allows people to work the way they want.”

In the modern workforce, this requires that the destination workplace offers more than what is available at home. These spaces should allow for innovation, collaboration, socialisation, and – when necessary – isolation.

While many co-working spaces are striving to achieve this balance, few can match the unique experience being offered by the environment and experience created and curated at eclat, in Melbourne’s leafy inner-eastern suburb of Camberwell.

What the team at eclat have presented – and recently launched – is a unique, members-only workspace which provides a higher quality of work-life balance, coupled with an enviable level of hospitality integrated into the experience. With furnishings and fittings usually reserved for luxury hotels.

Having a successful and modern business today, is more than being profitable. It’s about creating an organisation that promotes growth and cultivates positive corporate culture. It has become more important than ever to create workspaces where people look forward to coming to – and staying.


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