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Be careful not to overestimate the challenge, by underestimating yourself.


When psychologist Carol Dweck released her bestseller, Mindset, it transformed our view of individual potential, while also coining the terms “fixed” and “growth” mindset.

Dweck’s research proved that mindset trumps almost all individual traits.

We now understand that a growth mindset culture can transform any group, team, or organisation to reach breakthroughs, while also helping individuals achieve their potential.

Following in Dweck’s footsteps, Social Psychologist Mary C. Murphy has since conducted her own decade-long research to reveal that organisations and teams which are more geared toward growth have huge advantages over those that ignore it – or overinvest their focus elsewhere.

In her recently released book, Cultures of Growth, Murphy has uncovered the following benefits of adopting a growth mindset in teams and organisations:

  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Deeper learning
  • Greater innovation
  • Stronger trust
  • More embracing of diversity

In addition to these benefits, Murphy’s research noted that teams and organisations with a growth mindset are less likely to cheat, cut corners, or steal each other’s ideas.

Murphy demonstrates that an organisation’s mindset culture is the key to success for individuals, teams, and the entire organisation.

She shares how to create and sustain a culture of growth, regardless of your current role.

In promoting the release of this epic book, it is claimed that ‘in a world where success seems reserved for a chosen few, Cultures of Growth unveils a radically different approach to creating organisations that inspire learning, growth, and success at all levels.’


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