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“People are not your most important asset. The right people are.” (Jim Collins)

The phrase ‘War for Talent’, was first attributed to Steven Hankin of the McKinsey Group, back in 1997.

Ever since this period, there is a global hunt taking place to attract and secure the best talent for the respective organisations.

Successful managers and HR personnel understand the benefits of securing the right person and the impact of taking on unsuitable and less competent candidates.

If you think hiring a professional is expensive, try hiring an amateur”. (Paul “Red” Adair)

So, what can leaders and managers do?

Kim Stewart, director of talent management for First Citizens Bank in the US, claims; “In a competitive hiring environment, the way to attract great talent is by providing a strong organizational culture and opportunities for people to grow.”

Other ideas and insights.

Team members/employees are your advocates and advertisements.

What makes a great place to work? Just ask the people who work there.

If team members and employees are speaking positively about the business and its people, they can become the businesses greatest PR machine.

If on the hunt for talent, tap into your existing team.

Let your existing team members assist you in seeking out suitable candidates. Since they are the ones on the ground, they should have a good insight into what it takes to succeed in the business.

Value the people you have.

Organisations must remember that their existing talent is one of their greatest assets. Over-extending their energy toward people that haven’t yet bought into the company’s purpose, goals and values may cause disruption with those already invested.

Identify what successful recruiters and people managers do – then imitate.

While the phrase, ‘War on Talent’ may sound daunting or intimidating, don’t let it deter you. There are some fabulous examples on strategies, tips and advice all readily available to those willing to reach out.


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