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TGIF* has a following like few other 4-letter acronyms.

It conjures images of city-based employees, watching the clock as it creeps toward that time where they are released from their corporate shackles to spill out to the nearest bar in time for happy hour. (Yes, there are worse ways to spend an evening!)

Our small team here at TMSG were all looking forward to last Friday for an entirely different reason, our first planning Pow-Wow, a day of planning in the heart of the city of Melbourne. 

Having secured a cosy, chic room in one of the more historic buildings at the top end of Collins St, our team spent the day chipping-away at an ambitious, yet important, agenda.

During the day we had the opportunity to brainstorm, debate, plan, share and dissect essential components of the business. We were acutely aware of the need to reinforce the why (purpose) of the business before diving deeper into the what and how.  

We’re proud to be building a culture where we strive to align our efforts, while energised about the possibilities and potential success we can achieve for our members, clients and our enterprise.

While we didn’t tick-off every item on our agenda, we all believe we’ve established a practise which we can replicate and build upon in coming years.

There’s a multitude of benefits in hosting an offsite meeting or retreat, including;

  • Shifting gear can directly lift team morale
  • New environments can provide new perspectives
  • Interruptions can be markedly decreased
  • Removes individuals from their respective bubbles
  • Enhance camaraderie, while working toward a common outcome
  • Accomplish more in the given timeframe

As the world of business and employee engagement continues to morph and adapt to external pressures, the opportunity to collaborate and connect for a common purpose is as refreshing now as ever.  

*Thank God It’s Friday


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