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It’s an attention economy, where everyone and everything is competing for your attention.

So, how can you reclaim your focus and dictate where your attention goes?

6 Tips to Regain and Retain your Focus.

  1. Anticipate Distractions. Knowing that there are distractions and interruptions vying for your attention can help you be on guard and fend them off as required.
  2. Avoid Multi-Tasking. You only have 100% attention to give, so avoid diluting this by doing multiple things poorly – rather than doing 1 thing well.
  3. Know your Zone. Understand when you do your best work. Is it in the morning, mid-afternoon, evening? Play to your preferences & strengths.
  4. Set Time-Limits. Know your typical attention span and work within this.
  5. Prioritise. Tackle the ‘Big Rocks’ before you decide to sort the ‘gravel’.
  6. Value Rest. Recharging has huge upside to re-focus on the next task.

Implementing any of these tips can help you take greater control of your day, decreasing frustration and the potential for overwhelm.


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