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In our most recent blog, we shared the reality that there will always be things to get done, and that becoming better at tackling them may just cause the conveyor belt – on which each new task arrives – to speed up!

However, the feeling of overwhelm and frustration which can arise when we let our ‘to-do list’ grow to a point of insurmountability (is that a word?) is one best avoided.

Here are 4 tried and tested strategies to help regain a sense of control in your day/week.

  1. Discover your Productive Hours – Despite popular belief, highly productive people don’t fill every hour of their day. They identify their most productive periods and schedule this time for their most important work. Do you know your ‘Golden Hours’?
  2. Prioritise your Time & Tasks – Try classifying your task list into (A) Must-Do, (B) Should-Do, and (C) Would be nice to do. Simply allocating an A, B, or C priority lets you know what to tackle first.
  3. Minimise or Eliminate Distractions – We all do better work with less distractions or disruptions. Set (and enforce) boundaries, including a ‘Do Not Disturb’ mentality and turning off any notifications on your devices.
  4. Avoid Multitasking – We only have 100% attention to give, so be selective on where your focus goes. More important tasks require greater attention, so multi-task at your own peril!

Try one of the above strategies as a starting point, and measure how you a) feel and b) perform.


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