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Late in 2021, as workforce uncertainty was nearing another peak, there were mutterings, online chatter, and debate over what was being professed as The Great Resignation.

Some new-age business prophets were predicting that up to 25% of the workforce was looking to change their type or place of employment in the coming months, sending shivers down the spines of managers and recruiters everywhere.

While this shift has not eventuated to anywhere near the predicted level, it provided a wake-up call to all leaders, managers, and recruiters to consider what their current practices are for retaining their top talent.

Implement a Re-Recruiting Strategy.

Managers and in-house recruiters can limit their talent attrition by applying the strategies they currently use for attracting new talent to retain in-house talent.

By revisiting and reviewing the original offer of employment, the company can re-connect the employee with the upsides of staying within the business.

To stay in tune with the needs and expectations of many of today’s workforce, keep in mind the undeniables, including inflation and increases in cost of living/working, when calculating or re-calculating remuneration.

Other factors to consider in a Re-Recruitment Strategy

  • Continuing Professional Development. Employees have historically demonstrated a stronger bond with companies who consider their ongoing professional and personal development.
  • Career Navigation Planning. Advice, support, and guidance on how to progress their career within the company plays a large part in the decision-making process for existing employees. Help the employee see a tangible and clear pathway for their personal career progression.
  • Other Perks. We’ve all heard of the friend who receives a hamper on their birthday, or a voucher to a restaurant for them and their partner on a special occasion. Subscription to an app on Mindfulness, subsidised gym or yoga memberships. The list can be endless really. While the term perk can be misinterpreted, it can prove an appreciated and welcome addition to the other attractor-factors the business offers.

Re-recruitment also allows the leadership, management, and administrative teams to re-connect and re-engage with their existing talent.

In the eyes of a romantic, re-recruitment can provide a chance for both parties to fall-in-love again!

  1. Kirsty 2 years ago

    The “Attractor-Factor” love it!

    • Author
      Greig Ward 2 years ago

      Thanks Kirsty – Glad you loved it.

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