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The impact and value of a positive and supportive workplace or team culture cannot be underestimated.

One study found that individuals employed in a workplace with a supportive and engaging culture:

  • Experienced 74% less stress.
  • Demonstrated 48% greater productivity.
  • Had 15% fewer sick days.

So, how can individuals determine if the workplace culture will prove ideal for their needs?

One way is for the individual to ask questions of their (prospective or existing) leader, manager, or employer, to determine if the team/company is going to be a good ‘cultural fit’ for them.

Here are a few questions to consider – along with a small dose of professional courage to feel confident in asking.

  1. How does the company support the development and growth of its employees?
  2. What’s one thing you enjoy/love about working within the company?
  3. Is feedback freely offered, or does it need to be sought out?
  4. How does the company celebrate the successes of teams or individuals?
  5. Is teamwork and collaboration encouraged and valued here?
  6. What’s a behaviour that isn’t tolerated within the workplace?

Asking questions of a potential employer or manager prior to joining an organisation can save a lot of grief and discomfort for those looking to find a workplace where they feel engaged, supported, and where they can thrive.


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