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While not all plans are successful, the process of planning is essential.

There is a direct and important relationship between Planning, Organising, and Decision Making.

While planning is focused on the future, any plan will require organising, to make any steps toward the desired outcome logical and sequential.

However, at this point of the process, there has not really been any actual steps toward achievement of the desired outcome.

This is where the essential skill of decision-making comes into play.

We recently stumbled across a cool model with a series of prompts to help guide us toward making better decisions.

Here are the key steps.

  • What is the dilemma or decision to be made?
  • When is a decision required?
  • What is the importance of the decision? (Often determined by the consequences of non-completion)
  • What is the Best-Case Scenario?
  • What is the Worst-Case Scenario?
  • What are your Gut Feelings? (This leads us to an Intuitive Conclusion).
  • What are the Pro’s and Con’s? (This helps lead us to a Rational Conclusion)
  • What did you decide?
  • What are the first steps?

As with most processes, they require stress-testing under various conditions to assess their effectiveness. So, give this model a whirl, and – if useful for you – add it into your planning routine.


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