Principles and Practises of Effective Coaching

Course Module

The 5 chapters within this module are focused upon enhancing the knowledge and behaviours of the coach, while developing the essential skills for engaging with and promoting positive change within the people they train, coach and/or mentor. Bookings include access for up to 12 participants.


  • Key Principles of Adult Learning
  • Training Needs and Gap Analyses
  • Models for Planning and Delivery of Training
  • Processing, Debriefing and Feedback
  • Idea and Content Generation

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the Principles and Practises of Effective Coaching module, participants will be equipped to;
  • Develop the competencies for essential Training Needs Analyses (T.N.A.)
  • Elevate understanding of coaching competencies and principles
  • Learn how to analyse performance and design appropriate coaching strategies
  • Apply the appropriate coaching strategy to suit the needs of the learner and the content

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