The Developing Manager Module

Course Module

This module is focused upon enhancing the knowledge and behaviours of the future manager, while developing the essential skills for managing others within a business environment. While many good habits are formed in the daily workflow, they can be enhanced through our focus on the key principles, practices and processes expected of the new or aspiring manager.


  • Planning, Strategy and Navigation
  • Goals and Continuous Improvement
  • Leadership and Coaching
  • Curating Culture
  • Managing and Appraising Performance

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the The Developing Manager Module module, participants will be equipped to;
  • Apply effective planning tools and strategies to enhance team and business performance
  • Create goals which will permit continuous improvement within the team and/or business
  • Implement appropriate leadership strategies that allow for ongoing coaching of team members
  • Establish and nurture a culture which supports individuals and the success of the business
  • Monitor and manage the performance of individuals and teams

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