Leading Performance

Course Module

Leading Performance concentrates on leading the performance of individuals and teams, to achieve and exceed desired goals. Participants will learn and develop goal setting strategies, clearly identify individual and team objectives, understand how to manage expectations and inspire team members to achieve results. Methods of allocating roles and responsibilities to maximise performance will be explored, including how, when and why to delegate tasks. To bring everything together, Leading Performance addresses the critical element of team communication including how, when and what to communicate when delivering presentations.


  • Goal Setting
  • Motivating and Driving Team Performance
  • Managing Team Aspirations and Expectations
  • Delegation
  • Effective Presentations

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the Leading Performance module, participants will be equipped to;
  • Implement goal-setting strategies designed to align individual efforts with team targets
  • Recognise the various elements which can directly influence the motivations of individuals and team performance
  • Assess and evaluate team performance
  • Develop strategies which allow for the effective delegation of tasks to team members
  • Describe and demonstrate methods of presentation which allow for the successful sharing of knowledge and/or skills with an audience

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