Leading People

Course Module

Leading People addresses how best to navigate the complexities of professional relationships. Participants will identify how to lead diverse personalities, address performance and behaviour via feedback, develop rapport building skills for effective people management and learn when to coach and when to mentor. The dynamics of a changing work environment can have a significant impact on professional relationships and team performance. Leading People uncovers common triggers and provides practical strategies for leading people through times of change.


  • Building Professional Relationships
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Effective Feedback
  • People Management
  • Leading Through Change

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the Leading People module, participants will be equipped to;
  • Develop strategies for building positive working relationships with team members Discover and further develop essential coaching skills
  • Understand the impact and effectiveness of meaningful mentoring
  • Assess the impact that meaningful and well-constructed feedback can have upon performance
  • Compare and evaluate alternative methods for the management of people and teams
  • Develop and demonstrate the competencies of agile leadership during phases of
  • change and disruption

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