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“Oh, it’s great to see you in person. You look different to how you appear via Zoom!”

This seems to be the conversation starter that is now doing the rounds at meetings and events throughout Melbourne, as the city’s workforce return to near-normal business occupancy and activity.

For a business so reliant upon face-to-face engagement with our members and clients, the opportunity to host the first of our scheduled State Meetings in Melbourne was a breath of fresh air – literally.

Having selected the function space on the 89th floor of Melbourne’s iconic Eureka Tower for our event, we hoped the venue and in-person format would provide the ideal atmosphere and stimulus for maximal engagement for the 80 people attending.

Aligning the format of the meeting with our 3 key business focuses – inspirational, educational and practical – allowed us to provide a blended approach to our first key event of 2021.

This blended approach incorporated;

  • An opening address and update of recent improvements to our service offerings for members and subscribers, hosted by TMSG Director and Founder Shane Ward
  • Delegates with leadership responsibilities received hands-on experience with our Leadership Program content, hosted by TMSG Learning and Content Manager Greig Ward
  • Top performers from the sales profession were invited as panellists to share their insights and tips to success, proving invaluable to delegates newer to sales and marketing.
  • Round table discussions hosted by our members who are successfully managing their own businesses provided amazing insights into the challenges and successes they have experienced during their respective career journeys.

Blending in some seriously stunning views and delicious breakfast catering, we’re pleased to have delivered a meaningful, engaging and much-needed event for our members and their teams.

We’re excited to be rolling this model into Brisbane and Sydney in the coming weeks, and we look forward to more face-to-face networking and the positive outcomes that will spring from these events.


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