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Achieving excellence as a team can begin with one of the more elemental parts of our social culture – dining together.

While the iconic ‘The Last Supper’ painted by DaVinci may not be considered the best example of a team bonding session, there is solid research and anecdotal evidence around the value of sharing a meal together as a team – whether developing, consolidating, or established.

Cornell University researchers spent 15 months studying the group meal-sharing practices of numerous fire departments in the USA. This most basic of practices was shown to be one of the key contributors to teams that performed at a significantly higher level than their peers in other regions – where the practice was not as common.

In the lofty world of professional basketball, Coach Gregg Popovic, of the San Antonio Spurs, famously reinvigorated his team’s finals loss through a group meal at ‘The Capital Grille.’ Popovich made the call; “Hey, we’re together. Let’s eat. We’ll get back to basketball tomorrow.” The team responded with a 10-point, series clinching win in Game 6.

Corporates and sporting teams aside, the collegiality, camaraderie, and plain togetherness of a team meal has proven time and again that there is strength in coming together for a common purpose – especially if it has a dessert!

Photo by Steven Georges/Behind the Badge OC


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