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While the skilled worker is a highly valued member of any organisation, it’s the behaviours and actions of leaders which set them apart from their underperforming counterparts.

When assessing the effectiveness of leaders, consider the following questions – because they’re the questions that are being asked to determine the effectiveness and authenticity of leaders in most organisations.

  • How do they behave when people are around?
  • How do they behave when people aren’t around?
  • How do they speak with/to people?
  • How do they interact with others?
  • How do they make others feel?
  • What results do they achieve – and how do they get them?

To enhance personal leadership competencies, consider the following.

 5 behaviours that make good leaders stand out.

  • They’re passionate.
  • They follow-up on promises (keep their word).
  • They’re good communicators.
  • They continue to develop.
  • They’re (professionally) courageous.

“You can control 2 elements of your day – your effort and your attitude.”

Ryan Hawk

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