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As the 2022 FIFA World Cup comes to the ‘pointy end’ of the competition, we are observing athletes at the peak of their performance, chasing the coveted trophy and associated euphoria which typically accompanies victory in such a prestigious event.

Coinciding with the end of the calendar year, many of the teams and officials involved in the event in Qatar had set the lofty goal of reaching the World Cup – or more ambitiously the final 16 – years ago.

While the waiting and endless preparation necessary prior to the event must have appeared never-ending to some (especially, the spectators) the athletes, coaches and support staff have clearly used this time productively, allowing them to reach these final stages of the showcase event.

Planning Ahead

While many people want to see quick, or immediate returns on their efforts, we can learn a lot about goalsetting from what each of the 32 teams have planned and prepared for over the past 4 years.

Goalsetting is an opportunity to plan for, and manipulate your future, so that your goals and dreams are more likely to be realised. Just as each training session was essential to the success of the 32 teams who qualified for Qatar, so are the small efforts you make toward achieving your mid and long-term goals.

The realisation of your goals are not so dependant upon what you do in the weeks preceding the desired date of achievement, but in the months – or years – prior.

As you plan for the coming year, and begin drafting your health, financial, travel, career, or lifestyle goals, consider setting longer-term goals, for which you can make regular and incremental efforts to move you closer toward the desired outcome.

Setting Goals for 2026

Let’s take a leaf from the nations who will begin their campaign for the 2026 FIFA World Cup – to be held in USA, Mexico & Canada – and set ourselves goals for what we will ‘Be, Do, or Have’ by the time of the event in 2026.

Let’s get planning!


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