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Most of us have heard the phrase, “How you think is how you act!”

Well, this isn’t as accurate as many people will tell you.

Firstly, we think at a much, much faster rate than we could ever possibly execute.

Secondly, inside our head we have can formulate many wild, eclectic, and random ideas that may never see the light of day – which may not be a bad thing!

Finally, for us to act upon a thought, we need to turn the conceptual (or the abstract) into something more concrete.

This third element is why we need to get these thoughts out of our heads, to give them the oxygen and light of day they require to come to fruition.

Mind-mapping, as we often label this process, requires us to record and document our thoughts, plans and ideas if we want to see them play out or see them come to life.

Whether it’s through journaling, diarising, goal setting or an array of post-it notes on your wall, aim to get your ideas, goals and initiatives out of your head and into a more recognisable – and recallable – format.

As the saying goes, “If it’s in your head, it’s dead!”.


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