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Steadfast, serene, immovable, the same
Year after year, through all the silent night
Burns on forevermore that quenchless flame,
Shines on that inextinguishable light!

(The Lighthouse, H.W. Longfellow. 1849)

When tech’ giant Microsoft re-evaluated its well-established leadership principles, it came to the realisation that they were too complex to be easily recalled. CEO Satya Nardella wanted these principles to be more meaningful and more memorable. The result, 3 guiding principles; create clarity, generate energy, and deliver moments of success.

How inspiring could it be for employees and team members if all companies decided to de-mystify or simplify their principles, priorities and focus?

This week. TMSG welcomed HR Director for Nike Pacific, Grant Baker, as guest panellist for our latest webinar. Focusing on the role of todays leader in the corporate world, Grant generously shared his insights and experience in working alongside effective and influential leaders in a successful and iconic company, Nike.

Like Microsoft, Nike have been able to synthesize the complex, refining a once comprehensive list of principles and values into the 5 Nike Maxims.

Serve Athletes* – Create the Future of Sport – Be on the Offense Always – Do the Right Thing – Win as a Team.

Associated with each Maxim are a series of supporting behaviours, which allow team members to embrace and live each of the 5 tenets.

Can you imagine the energy that could be released, and the level of camaraderie created when teams employ and apply these principles?

Needless to say, Grant is a ‘raving fan’ of life and work at Nike and encourages other leaders and managers to explore the opportunities for developing and implementing core values and principles which can provide individuals and teams with the clarity of purpose which makes their workflow so much more meaningful.

So, in addition to any existing company principles, values and mission statements, consider developing a set of your own, which can be used to guide you in making key decisions and life or career choices.

What’s holding you back? 


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