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There is a widely used term, which has its roots buried in an undesirable mindset – GoMo. The phrase refers to individuals or teams who are simply Going through the Motions.

When individuals or teams do just enough work to avoid reprimands – ‘flying under the radar’ – they can quickly adopt this as a normal practise within their workplace. If/when this practise continues, there is substantial losses to the company or organisation.

While performance management is an essential role of leaders and managers in most companies, we need to move beyond the ‘carrot or stick’ approach to motivating employees, and consider the value of coaching and training them to achieve and sustain higher standards of production or performance.

Training and coaching programs which focus on the personal and professional development of their staff are one of the most effective ways in which employees can improve their competencies, while permitting the company to experience greater success and growth.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) allows employees to shift from accepting any offers of training support, to adopting or embracing such opportunities.

Keep in mind, that while CPD often comes from the scheduling of formal training or coaching, it is also experienced through meaningful interactions with other people or colleagues in informal, workplace settings.

The result is the continuous building of knowledge, skills, and behaviours which the employee can refer to when the need arises.

When companies adopt a culture of Continuing Professional Development, they can observe the shift in their employees as they move out of the GoMo phase and demonstrate the more admirable trait of ‘Discretionary Effort’ – the level of effort people could give if they wanted to, but above and beyond the minimum required.

Let’s shift further away from the unproductive and low profit mindset of the GoMo, and step-up to find our Mojo!


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