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Your larger objectives are often defined as goals.

While people often set goals to motivate them toward achieving something worthwhile, they can also prove to be too large or intimidating, which defeats the purpose of the whole goal-setting exercise.

Sub-goals help make larger goals more manageable and measurable. They help you track your progress, keep you motivated, and allow you to make required adjustments along the way.

Sub-goals aren’t just smaller parts of the larger objective. They provide a method of effective planning, and execution of your strategies, while adapting to the ever-changing situations which you will be presented with.

How sub-goals help you.

  1. Provide Direction and Focus: Gain clarity and focus on what needs to be achieved in the short term, while keeping an eye-on-the-prize of the long-term objective.
  2. Track Progress and Celebrate Wins: Measure how far you have come and how much closer you are to your goal.
  3. Adapt to any Changes in Circumstances: Pivot and adjust strategies where needed. You can modify your subgoals at any point of the journey.
  4. Enhance Accountability and Ownership: Foster a sense of ownership and accountability. Team members know their roles, leading to increased commitment and shared responsibilities.

Your goal-setting journey requires a defined roadmap and the opportunity to celebrate minor victories enroute. 


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