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A key role of leadership and people management is the development of individuals in the team or organisation.

Encouraging and supporting team members through their career journey is admirable yet requires some knowledge and skills from the leader or manager.


The G.R.O.W. Model is an acronym for Goals, Reality, Options and Will. It is a useful tool or structure for the leader and team member to navigate their way toward an ideal destination – or goal.

Originally developed by 3 business coaches (Whitmore, Fine & Alexander) this model provides a structure for meaningful development conversations.

Goal – What it is the individual is aiming to achieve? (e.g., Advancement to Assistant Manager)

Reality – What is their status? Are they currently meeting or exceeding targets?

Options – What can they do to achieve their goal/objective? (e.g., Enrol for a management program)

Will – What will they do? What steps can they initiate now? (e.g., Research available programs)

The GROW model isn’t reliant upon the leader/manager facilitating the discussion. With the determined or self-motivated team member, it can be self-administered. However, the leader or manager can play an integral role is assisting and supporting their colleague or acting as the accountability buddy to any commitments made.

From little things big things grow.” (Kev Carmody, 1993)


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