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“If you think you’re too small to make a difference, you’ve never been in a tent with a mosquito”

Dalai Lama

Wrapping-up the year, we’re grateful and appreciative of the opportunity to have been able to share ideas, articles, thoughts, and insights with you.

As we all bounce on the end of the diving board that was 2022, and prepare for our entry into the new year, it’s worth reflecting on the successes of the past 12 months.

As an educator and coach, I spend a fair amount of time helping others in conducting a gap analysis on their team, company, or organisation, and then analysing these to identify the next steps for them as an individual or leader/manager.

While most gap analysis tools are useful, it’s important to adopt another process at this stage of the year – a gain analysis.

This gain analysis is an objective assessment of the wins, successes, and breakthroughs of the previous 12 months. It celebrates the progress of the individual, team, or company to focus on the positives of the previous period under review.

It’s a well-worn phrase that some leaders and managers are their own worst bosses. That is, they ride themselves hard, or talk themselves down due to not hitting their lofty goals for the year, leaving themselves in a place of frustration and resentment at what they didn’t achieve.

In flipping the lens 180 degrees, you can reflect upon the gains and successes of the year, allowing you to conclude 2022 with more optimism and satisfaction than if you focused purely on what targets or goals you missed.


Make yourself (and your team) a list of the ‘gains’ that have been made over the past 12 months – no matter how small they may first appear (consider all aspects of your year/life: financial, health, social, relationships, travels, books read, etc.)

Let’s celebrate the gains!


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