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Unless you’re the serial loser of all the board games played around the dining room table, games are fun.

Whether it was Monopoly, Uno, Jenga or Pictionary, it’s most likely you have positive emotions associated with your involvement in these games.

So, what if you could make your ‘work’ feel more like a game?

What if you could create rules and guidelines, with accompanying rewards or consequences?

Well, try this.

‘Winning Streak’ is a modification of a game played at US tech’ company Caveday.

Every workday that you accomplish your set target or goal, you mark it down in your diary or calendar (there may even be an app for this!)

After a few days of success, you’ll have a sequence, which can then become a chain. The idea is to maintain your enthusiasm and commitment to your target or goal, and watch the chain grow longer every day. Make a personal commitment to not break the chain. (A great way to build positive habits).

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld famously puts a red X in a calendar every day he writes one or more jokes. He’s been maintaining this practise for over 30 years – testament to his longevity in a competitive profession.

The hidden value (lesson) of this game is when you miss a day of your ‘Winning Streak’ it will seem like a big deal. You’re breaking the whole streak of days before that. The longer it gets, the more likely you are to keep it going.

The concept of ‘Winning Streak’ can be applied to any behaviour you wish to initiate, continue or replicate – diet, exercise, meditation, communicating, etc.

Oh, and it’s fun.


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