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It was US President, Theodore Roosevelt, who is attributed with the quote, “Comparison is the thief of joy!”

In an era of social media comparisons and expectations, we are continually encouraged to keep an eye on the ‘external scoreboard’.

Rather than feeling comfortable in our own skin, there is a trap of inadvertently becoming another member of the populace (team, organisation, group) chasing the same illusion which society has now deemed as successful.

Falling into this ‘trap of comparison’ too often can lead us to making unfair assessments of ourselves, and a lofty admiration of others, who – more often than not – have different values, goals and aspirations.

To truly focus on our own purpose, priorities and goals, we would do better to adopt the mantra of the infamous Dale Carnegie, who encouraged those he admired to; “Pay heed to the Judge within.”

Carnegie proclaimed that while remaining conscious of external events, we should give our greatest attention to our intrinsic, internal scoreboard. “The most important Judge is yourself” he strongly claimed.

Yes, there will always be expectations of us in our professional and personal roles. However, to focus only on the external scorecard can lead us to ignore our own needs, drivers and aspirations – and this can prove an unhealthy ignorance.


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