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“As companies strive to attract and retain more Gen Z’s in the workplace, they need to get better at providing them regular feedback – or get better at replacing them as they leave for companies that do!”

K. Gallacher

Once again, research has supported the value of regular and open communication between managers and their employees.

In addition to effective communication, it is widely accepted that workers will be more successful and engaged when they have plans for professional development. However, Gen Z’s need it more than most because of their lack of work experience, having completed schooling and/or graduating during the pandemic.

New research from employee success platform Staff Circle found that 73% of Gen Z employees said they are more likely to leave an organisation if they don’t receive frequent managerial feedback and communication.”

Worklife, October 2023

Gen Z professionals are expected to account for more than a 25% of the workforce by 2025. Therefore, companies need to start getting their communication and feedback processes right, so they can successfully hire and retain new employees in the coming years.

Feedback is often defined as: ‘providing information that alerts another person to the potential or actual outcomes from a certain action or behaviour.

With this in mind, leaders and managers can improve the likelihood of employee engagement when they dedicate time and energy to providing essential feedback to their team-members.

To assist this process and maintain engagement with valued employees (not just the Gen Z’s born between 1990-2010) here are some tips.

  • Establish a company-wide process for providing – and receiving – feedback.
  • Schedule regular 1-on-1 meetings, where feedback can be shared.
  • Employees should develop the professional courage and confidence to actively seek feedback from their leaders or managers.
  • Realise the value of feedback in celebrating wins and success – not just for correcting behaviour.

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