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What’s the ideal environment for personal and professional growth?

The environment in which you spend the most time produces the hidden force that guides a large component of your behaviour. The key reason that your environment plays such an integral role in what you become, is that it communicates more with your subconscious mind than your conscious mind.

In referencing our environment, it’s essential to look beyond what we’d normally consider to be environmental factors and give more consideration to two key components; what we consume, and who we spend time with.

Rubbish in – Rubbish out. The performance of the human machine that is you, is largely dependant upon the type, amount, and quality of fuel you put into that machine. This is as relevant for the mental fuel (i.e., the content you consume) as it is for your dietary input.

What you put into your mind and body today, becomes the raw materials you will have to work with tomorrow.

Your Inner Circle. You need to realise and accept that you are influenced by the people you spend time with. By choosing who you spend time with, you are choosing who you really want to be. Therefore, you’re encouraged to spend less time with people whose default behaviour is not your desired behaviour.

Set aside some time for your own Environmental Design, with the knowledge that you can directly impact your own happiness and success – whatever that may look like for you.


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