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Is your team or organisation supportive and accepting of individuals of all backgrounds?

Are you conscious of the potential impact any pre-existing bias (whether conscious or unconscious) may have on your ability to strengthen and deepen your talent pool?

Teams and organisations with more ‘modern’ recruitment practises are embracing diversity and inclusiveness, turning these values into a competitive advantage.

Recently released research from the Neuro-Leadership Institute, has identified that teams that embrace diversity can increase profit by 20%.

Organisations which adopt a more inclusive approach to decision-making are making better decisions as much as 87% of the time, while improving outcomes by as much as 60%.

Providing an environment where all employees feel welcome, connected, and psychologically safe, is no longer a would-be-nice-to-have, it’s become the must-have. Teams and companies who adopt and embrace this approach as they recruit and acquire new talent will become the new ‘destination companies’ where people truly want to work.

So, where is your team, company, or organisation on this journey?


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