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Over 35% of jobseekers are willing to turn down an otherwise attractive offer of employment if company culture isn’t a good fit.

Culture Partners Research, June 2023

What was once a ‘nice-to-have’ – a positive, supportive, and inclusive company culture – has become one of the more sought-after elements in attracting and retaining talent.

When leaders and employees place value upon the necessity for inclusion, purpose, and meaning within the workplace, the possibilities for creating a positive culture are multiplied.

The opportunity to create a positive workplace culture lies in understanding – and shaping – the 6 Key Drivers.

Successful organisations are highly reliant upon their People (1), who – mostly – get their best work done within Teams (2). Individuals and teams are inspired and driven by good Leaders (3), who have proven and effective methods of Communication (4). Their adherence to efficient Processes (5) within stress-tested Structures (6), allow for the organisation to operate like a well-oiled machine.

Each of these 6 Key Drivers play an integral role in making the organisation a desirable workplace, where the culture of acceptance, support, and success proves a winning formula.

Therefore, when assessing the success of an organisation – or lack or – it is advisable to consider each of these 6 elements in isolation, while also considering how each can impact upon the other, and the organisation as a whole.


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