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Customer Service is an expectation.

Customer Experience is what can set you and your team/business apart from the competition.

Making the Customer Experience excellent and memorable can become the hallmark for you, your colleagues, and your company.

For those who have established a career in sales, the importance of an excellent and memorable customer service experience for your customers is akin to the Holy Grail.

Moving an individual from the mindset of a customer to one of a ‘raving fan’ can be achieved if you make the experience special enough to become memorable.

The Cornerstones of Excellence

The Australian Services Excellence Awards (ASEAs) are Australia’s premier customer service awards program, attracting hundreds of nominations each year and culminating with attendees coming together each year at the ASEAs Gala Dinner to recognise best practice in the world of CSX.

The ASEA’s assess individuals and companies according to these 4 key criteria:

  1. Culture – Have they established a culture of excellence?
  2. Consistency – Is the level of service consistent?
  3. Quality – Is the standard of service (well) above the norm?
  4. Performance – Have these practices and behaviours positively influenced business performance or outcomes?

Applying these Principles to your Sales Activity

Any individual or company engaging with customers (either face-to-face, or online) can benefit from improving any or all these 4 ‘awards’ criteria.

Try focusing on one of these at a time, seeking to make improvements which are measurable to the team, the company, and – most importantly – to the customer.


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