Sales Accelerator Program

Course Overview

Created for emerging and developing sales professionals, the Sales Accelerator Program and the valuable resources which support it, can directly impact upon the sales success of those who register to participate.

This program has been designed to assist individuals in developing an improved understanding of the requirements for a successful start or transition into the sales profession.

Incorporating the essential skills and behaviours for sales success, the Sales Accelerator Program is well positioned to complement any in-house or company sales coaching program.

Who is it for?

  • Individuals and groups new to the sales profession
  • Sales personnel keen to improve their results
  • Newly established sales teams
  • Sales professionals with limited access to coaching support
  • Companies wishing to add structure and quality content to their sales coaching process

What’s included?

  • Live, instructor-led virtual training sessions (10 x 60 minute sessions)
  • Digital copy of Sales Skills workbooks and additional resources
  • Access for up to 12 participants
  • Post-program de-brief to discuss progress and implementation strategies
  • Digital credentials (Badge & Certificate)
  • Subscription to TMSG e-newsletter and Blog
  • Access to TMSG webinars

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the Sales Accelerator Program, participants will be equipped to;
  • Enhance their personal Product Knowledge to keep up with the ever-evolving consumer
  • Build upon their existing Sales Process to enable more fluent and confident presentations
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of Consumer Behaviours and align their sales activities accordingly
  • Close more sales with confidence and certainty
  • Model the Positive Behaviours which can lead to greater customer engagement
  • Establish meaningful and challenging sales targets
  • Enhance communication skills which benefit sales conversations
  • Manage and alleviate customer concerns
  • Develop a robust customer service strategy


Module 1
Establishing Sales Skills
  • Improving Product Knowledge
  • The Sales Process
  • Understanding Consumers
  • Closing
  • Positive Sales Behaviours
Module 2
Consolidating Sales Skills
  • Goals, Targets and Tracking
  • Effective Communication
  • Addressing Customer Concerns
  • Self-Management
  • Customer Service Essentials

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