Inside Coaching – One Day Workshop (Melbourne CBD)

Course Overview

This 1-day workshop has been developed and refined to provide leaders and people managers with the opportunity to develop or upgrade their coaching competencies. More than ‘sending the elevator back down’, the modern coach is one who ignites the passion within their team members, colleagues, or clients.

Throughout this workshop, participants will learn how to assess their respective coaching strengths, while developing a personal development plan for themselves, leading to more meaningful and impactful coaching for their people.

This workshop focuses on the principles and practices which empower participants to deliver a coaching strategy or program that increases the likelihood of learning or behavioural change occurring within the individuals, teams, or groups they aim to influence.

Whether you are an aspiring or established coach within your organisation, this workshop will guide you to the next level with innovative strategies, updated resources and a renewed perspective on how influential the Inside Coach can be.

Topics covered include

  • Understanding and Applying Principles of Adult Learning
  • Gap Analyses and Competency Mapping
  • Using Feedback to Enhance Performance
  • Models for Planning and Delivery of Coaching and Training
  • Skills for Presenting & Meaningful Messaging
  • Increasing Engagement with your Audience (in-person and/or remotely)
  • Assessing Performance
  • Mini-Presentations


Who is it for?

  • Aspiring and Emerging Coaches
  • Existing and Developing Leaders
  • People Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • HR Personnel

What’s included?

  • Full day of in-person, instructor-led coaching and facilitation
  • Activity workbook
  • Digital badge and certificate of completion
  • Maximum of 20 participants per session
  • Refreshments and catered luncheon provided
  • Access to TMSG Blogs and regular webinars

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the Inside Coaching – One Day Workshop (Melbourne CBD), participants will be equipped to;
  • Implement effective coaching principles and practises
  • Perform effective gap analyses and consequential training needs analyses
  • Implement feedback tools and strategies to enhance performance
  • Apply various planning and presentation models to meet the needs of the learner
  • Create greater engagement and learner investment in learning sessions
  • Create presentations which are meaningful, impactful, and memorable


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