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You may have heard of – or adopted – the KonMari method developed by the infamous Marie Kondo. It was this Japanese icon who helped us realise the inherent value of decluttering and organising our homes.

The more brutal messaging we can take from Kondo’s tips and advice; Sort your sh*t out!

Our untamed desire to continue to add to our already-full lives (and possessions) can increase the complexity of everything we do.

We know through the research of Barry Scwartz – shared in his book, ‘The Paradox of Choice’ – that more options can lead to an increase in procrastination, frustration, and improved likelihood of regret.  

We would do well to consider the messaging from author and thought leader, Shane Parrish, who reminds us:

We don’t need more time; we need more focus.

Fewer projects. Fewer commitments. Fewer obligations. Fewer responsibilities.

Carefully choose your commitments, then go all in.

(Maybe you can start by throwing all those odd socks you’re holding on to, in hope…..)


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