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“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, where we are the hosts.”

Jeff Bezos – Founder, Amazon

We’ve all had a poor customer experience, and we’ve most likely shared that experience with many of our peers, colleagues, and family. (Research indicates you’ll tell as many as 15 others about this bad experience!)

More than ever, customers want to feel involved in any sales or decision-making process which impacts them directly or indirectly.

What is Customer Engagement?

This is how the customer interacts with the experience provided, including how much control they feel in the process, and how valued their perspective is by the company or representative.

Why it’s Important.

Positive levels of customer engagement can provide you and the company/brand with a competitive edge, in a world where consumers have multiple options.

When customers know and trust your brand and/or level of service, it directly influences their purchasing behaviour. (HubSpot research identified that customers are 25-30% more likely to spend money with brands they trust.) This fosters a level of loyalty that all companies seek.

Where we get it Wrong.

A lack of genuine interest or care for the customer and their needs can damage any chance of creating a new supporter or ‘raving fan’. If/when customers feel the engagement was purely transactional, they place less value on the company or brand than those who actively engage them in the sales process.

How to get it Right.

  • Share the company story. This helps humanise the brand, further engaging prospective customers.
  • Personalise the experience. All customers are different, as are their needs. Acknowledging and respecting this can go a long way toward further engaging them.
  • Practise Active Listening. Hearing is a sense – Listening is a skill. Practising this helps engage the customer in the process. We all love to feel heard!

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